The AMD R9 FURY X is the most highly powered GPU AMD ever created. It’s also the first video card to feature new architecture and a nuance type of memory. The technical details are outputs, power connectors, GPU used, TDP, Memory Interface, Memory Clock, Boost Clock, Memory, Texture Units, and processors.

The features are incredible. It has a high bandwidth memory that ensures specific RAM modules distributed around the GPU. This saves space and allows the interphase, that connects the two wider bus which lets the AMD run the memory at a lower speed.

By C. Spille/ [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

High-Powered GPU and LEDs

The AMD R9 FURY X uses an all-new Fiji which is a high-powered GPU AMD transition. There is a liquid cooling system that relies on a single fan that holds the components at a low temperature and cools the radiator with a 120-mm fan. There is also a reservoir located through beneath the radiator, allowing more coolant.

Amazingly, the AMD has placed, a 9 LED on the back of the GPU, indicating the utilization. There are eight of them which are for gaming. There is also one LED that glows when the GPU is in the Zero-Core mode during testing. In addition, there is the AMD Free Synch Technology, the GPU support, a Virtual Super Resolution, and a DX12 mantle which all offers better performance.

Listed below are some of the performance games for the AMD R9 FURY X:

  • 32D Mark Fire Strike Ultra
  • 32 Mark Fire Strike
  • Heaven 4.0
  • Metro: Last Light
  • Middle- width
  • Middle of Earth: Shadow of Mordor
  • Tomb Raider
  • Batman: Arkham Origins

Design and Graphic Performance

The AMD has been designed for over clocking about 5 percent gains in a few of the games. The overclocking also will vary from card to card. It has also been found that the AMD has the ability to tweak the memory clock. The AMD R9 FURY X is a significant GPU.

The AMD R9 FURY X is expected to do incredible and its 4GB has a high bandwidth memory. The exciting part about its designs is that it is now made with aluminum, and finished with a black nickel gloss feature. It’s quiet an appealing system that is impressive with its amazing 8.9 billion transistors.