The company has spent the last two years designing a video card that was to revolutionize the next generation of GPUs. Billions have been spent in developing the card which took a lot of experts and modern technology to add features that are needed. It is powered by FinFET nodes based at TSMC and Global Foundries. The architectures did a great job in making the best 28 nm NVidia graphics card.

There is no doubt that the new release is on a top level compared to eh previous models that were created by this company. You do not need to spend more to enjoy playing 4K and VR on a new platform and have an amazing experience all through. Compared to GTX 1060 and GTX 1070, the new version, it has more advanced graphics and will support any game you are playing without lagging.

The other thing that you should know is that it is the best-priced video card in 2016 and will transform your gaming experience.

Specs and technology used

The developers were keen about compatibility with other hardware that you use in your gaming. The GTX 1080 has been moved from Maxwell to Pascal architecture feature. The main characteristics of the Pascal is that it uses a smaller manufacturing process which is 16nm versus 28 nm. The interpretation of this is a faster transition on the piece of silicon. Larger numbers of silicon pieces increase the performance and reduce the power consumption.

You will play a game without having to deal with a lot of noise that comes from the device and efficiency is improved. The design increases CUDA cores which are essential for handling bulk work. The clock speeds are high with an estimated 1126 MHz to 1607 MHZ. The power consumption remains low despite the added performance. The GTX 1080 uses GDDR5X which is same to the RAM on your computer. The memory is much faster and also costly. The memory has been used in place of GPUs that were used in the earlier models.

Physical features of the GTX 1080

The card comes with the physical hardware itself hence no need to purchase additional devices. The device is made with a single fan that is capable of keeping the temperatures of the device low and prevent overheating even when you are playing. Compared to the GTX 980, you will not experience noise interruption which was common in the earlier cases. Regarding ports, the model can be said to be future proof.

It has one HDMI port, DVI port, and three display connectors. The system allows one to push 4K content through to the projected screen without some images lagging. The HDMI connector can produce content in 4K at 60HZz. HDR games are also supported, and video playback is available. There is an option for multi-screen and VR support. The technology is new and has not been used by other developers who provide the gaming devices.

All those love video games will have something to look for this time round. The GTX 1080 is already available in stores, or you can place your order today from an online shop.