2016 has been a great year for gamers. The release of GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 happened this year and almost at the same time. The models were released in March and those who had pre-ordered received their cards after a short time. The GTX 1070 has minor features compared to the 1080 but still an amazing gaming card which offers the player a real experience. It is more affordable and still supports many games that are played on your PC.

The qualities of this model cannot be dismissed. The version uses Pascal architecture which was the predecessor of the technology that is used by the GTX 1070. Its qualities cannot be dismissed. It has more transistor silicon pieces which ensure power is saved while you are gaming. NVidia uses 1920 CUDA cores on the 1070 version that do most major activities in ensuring the game runs smoothly. GDDR5X memory is a type of Ram that is used in video games and is new in the market. The card has an 8 GB of HDD5X with clock speeds of up to 10000 MHz.

Pros of the GTX 1070

The model is created with expansive slots where you can add more cards. It supports two-way SLI, and you can add up to 4 SLI set up depending on the game you are playing. The same technology has been used in the 1080 version because it improves the quality of your game. Despite the complaints that running multiple GPUs brings complications to the system, the cases can be avoided when a perfect set up is done.

The other important thing why you should own this video card is that it does not overheat while you are playing. Fans are fitted near the surface body which is made using an aluminum body. Heat is released faster to the surrounding. You will have a silent gaming where no interruptions from noise are experienced. The silicon pieces used are effective in minimizing power usage when you are running the game for long hours.

Performance and overclocking

The version is capable of streaming a game and maintaining the graphics all along the game. Video playback has also been made possible since the version is compatible with another screen through the ports created. An HDMI port is present that allows you to connect to a secondary screen. Data transmission is fast, and no images will stop moving when the game is on. For PC gamers, this is still a good version and is also affordable. The current price is $399 on various shopping platforms. Order the video card today and have it delivered to your place. Those who have been using the video card can tell the amazing features and the quality of resolution all images on the screen have.

Even with the coming of a more powerful video card in the market, it is necessary that you try this version which is more fan to have and use.