The NVIDIA TITAN X (Pascal) is a power graphic card. This marvelous card gives you the best gaming experience ever. It is powered by Pascal to deliver up to 3X performance, and its innovation is a breakthrough for VR experiences.

The graphic card is bundled with the rawest horsepower. It is driven by 3584 cores, running at 1.5 GHz with major force. It has 12 GB of memory. The specifications are 600W system power, 250W graphic power, 94 GPU temperature, DPL.4, HDMI, Dual Link, PVI Standard Display Connectors with a multi-monitor.

It is compatible with Microsoft and technologies supported by VR and NVIDIA ready support. The memory details are 10 GPS with a 384-bit memory interface. It also has 3584 NVIDIA CUDA Cores 1417 Base Clock and 153 Boost Clock Engine specifications.

Good Cooling System and Cool Style

The NVIDIA TITAN X (Pascal) is incredibly crafted by superior heat-using and a vapor cooling system. It is very appealing and has a creative look. It can increase half as much the available bandwidth, delivery experience. Its asynchronous computes a screenshot tool, a GPU Boost 3.0, and a Fast Sync with delivering a stunning performance.

This system is the most potent gaming hardware in the industry. It is plastered with an amazing gaming performance. It focuses on professional tools. It got its name from Pascal graphic architecture. The NVIDIA TITAN X (Pascal) is equipped with a good hardware:


  • CUDA Cores
  • TFL0PS (FPB2)
  • TFL0PSC (InT8)
  • Texture Rate
  • Memory Bandwidth
  • Boost Clock

Multiple Features of the Graphic Card

The graphic card has 3584 CUDA Cores, and runs faster than the older Maxwell GPU. It also has 1,000 CUDA Core which are greater than the GeForce GTX 1080. It has a 12 GB of memory, and connects the GPU over a 384-bit compression system.

Additionally, its performance is 60 percent greater than the previous TITAN X. The system is able to play all games at 4K and comprise a Free Synch or G-Synch monitor to smooth out its frame rate. You can also run the system in a single system. It owns 250 Watts and powers through 8-pin and 6-pin power connectors.

The two-slot measures 10.5 inches x 4.376 inches wide. It features the vapor, which lowers the temperature with a blower style fan. The system is remarkable and is a reliable graphic card system for serious gamers.